Banus Dex Future Exchange and Liquid Staking is a decentralized futures and liquid betting exchange with its own native cryptocurrency, the BANUS token, whose total supply is capped at 500M and a percentage of the revenue generated from commissions will be used for daily buyback and respective burn . BANUS is the only eternally deflationary native token exchange!'

1 Introduction Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies based on the blockchain protocol are here to stay. The disruption caused by distributed ledgers is not an unstoppable trend in technology. Various solutions are being devised to scale blockchains and make possible a world without the need for centralized currencies. There is still much to be done, financial markets need to adapt to this new reality. Futures markets for various commodities, such as precious and base metals, consumables and energy products, are based on centralized exchanges. On this scale, Bitcoin could gain importance as a unit of account through the settlement of high-volume global trades for regional and international imports and exports of producer and consumer goods, with cash-settled instruments and physical delivery available to producers and speculators. The three functions of money are (1) store of value, (2) medium of exchange, and (3) unit of account and they operate in a hierarchy, especially when initializing new money like Bitcoin.

If any two people are prepared to treat the asset as a store of value in the course of a transaction, it is possible for the asset to serve as a medium of exchange. This relationship is sequential. Likewise, when the asset is used substantially as a medium of exchange throughout society, it can be considered a unit of account. Some economists consider the unit of account to be the final and most important characteristic of money, because it means that goods and services are priced in terms of cash, or the basic standard by which value is calculated. Central Banks always controlled and monopolized the issuance of printed value until the creation of Bitcoin, which changed the game forever! For the Bitcoin economy to reach the required scale, a substantial increase in liquidity will be required, which will likely result in greater price stability. In order for the main cryptocurrencies to acquire the necessary liquidity and scalability, it is essential to develop and expand the derivatives and futures market. Futures markets offer traders the opportunity to trade prices without the high costs and risks of transferring, storing and paying in full for the actual underlying instrument at which they are trading. Whether in soybeans, gold, government bonds or Bitcoins, futures markets are a valuable financial tool to facilitate price trading, reducing friction and costs.

A percentage of the transaction fees on the Banus Dex Future Exchange will always be used for daily buyback and daily burning of the BANUS native exchange token. There will be daily burns and therefore it will be an eternally deflationary token! This deflationary aspect will create demand for the BANUS token. No new BANUS tokens will EVER be minted with the maximum total supply capped at 500M.

2 Why a Dex Exchange? In the universe of cryptocurrencies, decentralized exchanges (DEX) are emerging as a new paradigm that offers numerous advantages. DEXs allow users to trade cryptocurrencies directly with each other, without the need for a centralized intermediary. The biggest advantage is the ease of use without the bureaucracy involved. Unlike centralized exchanges, DEXs do not require compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations to validate the identity of users. This means that it is not necessary to provide personal documents, proof of residence or other intimate data to use the platform. You only need a cryptocurrency wallet to get started. But at the same time, ease also comes with responsibilities. When using a DEX, you are entirely responsible for your own cryptocurrencies. There are no third parties to turn to if you lose access to your wallet, forget your password or become a victim of fraud. Therefore, it is crucial to have solid knowledge about cryptocurrency security and how to manage your wallet.

Another point to highlight is that, as DEXs operate on the blockchain, all transactions are transparent and verifiable. This provides a high level of security and confidence in transactions. However, it is important to remember that blockchain transactions are irreversible. Once you send cryptocurrencies, there is no way to reverse the transaction. In short, DEXs represent a revolutionary advance in the world of cryptocurrencies, giving you more freedom and control over your assets. But with that freedom comes great responsibility. It is critical that users educate themselves and take appropriate.

precautions to protect your digital assets.

3 The Banus exchange token will forever be deflationary

3.1 The greater the trading volume, the greater the amount of BANUS tokens burned The utopian dream of a highly deflationary altcoin with high burn rates is extirpated in the incredible daily burn program of the BANUS Token exchange! No altcoin is going to burn every day! The greater the volume traded, the greater the volume of fees generated, and therefore the greater the amount of BANUS tokens burned!

3.2 The BANUS Protocol Token (BANUS Token) At the heart of the BANUS Dex Future Exchange is its protocol token, the BANUS token. BANUS is an Avalanche-based token that will be freely tradable for Bitcoin, Ether and many other cryptocurrencies on the BANUS-Trade platform. In addition to allowing you to set BANUS Dex Exchange and Liquid Staking destinations, BANUS token holders will see incredible deflation in the total BANUS supply capped at 500M, and new BANUS tokens will never be minted.

3.3 Supply and Distribution of BANUS Tokens During the initial sale, 350M BANUS Tokens will be made available. That is, 70% is for sale to the public, 10% goes to BANUS-Trade Market Makers (Devs), 10% goes to BANUS Marketing and 10% goes to the Reserve. 500M Total BANUS Supply: 350M BANUS (70%) BANUS Token Sale 50M BANUS (10%) BANUS-Trade Market Makers (Devs) 50M BANUS (10%) Marketing 50M BANUS (10%) Reserve BANUS Token Sale—350M BANUS (70 %) %) -350,000,000 (350 million) BANUS tokens will be sold in the BANUS token sale starting on June 25, 2023. Buyers will exchange BNB (BEP20 - BSC) for BANUS tokens (BEP20) with a soft cap minimum of 100 BNBs and a hard cap of a maximum of 1,000 BNBs which can be increased.

When sending BNB in Taken Sale, buyers will automatically receive BANUS tokens (BEP20 - BSC) via the same public address. Until October 30th, the BANUS Dex Exchange will be fully operational as per the roadmap below, when users will be able to exchange their BANUS tokens (BEP20) for new BANUS tokens on the Avax C-Chain. two

3.4 High Leverage BANUS Dex futures markets offer traders very high leverage of up to 50× (at the first stage of development), allowing them to realize large percentage gains (and losses) from relatively small price movements. But unlike other Bitcoin futures exchanges, the BANUS Dex Futures Exchange does not cancel its winning trade to protect itself from losses if its counterparty's losing position is stopped because it was heavily leveraged.

3.5 Specialized support A major challenge for an exchange program is to serve an increasingly diverse and international audience. To navigate this global landscape and provide exceptional customer service, it is essential for an exchange to have a fast, knowledgeable and multilingual customer support team, which is a crucial part of any successful cryptocurrency exchange.

She is the front line of customer service, helping to resolve issues, increase user satisfaction and build the exchange's reputation. Multilingual staff: Users of an exchange are likely to come from all over the world. A multilingual support team ensures that the exchange can serve this global user base by providing support in the user's native language. This increases user confidence and overall customer satisfaction. Quick answer: The cryptocurrency market operates 24/7 and is known for its volatility. As a result, users may need assistance at any time. A fast support team can respond to users' queries in real time, helping them to make informed decisions and act quickly in an ever-changing market. Expert Experience: Given the technical and financial nature of cryptocurrencies, it is crucial that the support team is highly experienced and able to answer a wide range of questions. This can include everything from how to use the exchange's platform to complex security and compliance issues. An expert support team can provide a better user experience and help mitigate potential issues. Trust Building: In the world of cryptocurrencies, trust is key. Efficient and effective customer support can help build that trust, showing users that the exchange cares about their needs and is ready to help.

3.6 Futures Contracts Specifications The exchange will be launched with the following 4 futures contracts in the first stage: BTC/USD, ETH/USD, LINK/USD and UNI/USD.

3.7 BANUS Liquid Staking with Receipt for Leverage Liquid Staking is an approach that allows users to participate in the staking process on Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains without having to lock up their crypto assets and maintain their liquidity.

In the context of blockchain, staking is a process in which users Aries keep their coins in a cryptographic wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network. In most PoS systems, when you stake your coins, you need to block them for a certain amount of time. During this period, your coins will not be available for trading or selling. With net staking, instead, when you stake your coins, you receive a proxy token (a "staking token") that is freely tradable and can be used in other decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. Let's say you bet 1 Ether on a platform that offers net betting. In return, you receive a token, say "banusETH", which represents your staked Ether. Now, even if your Ether is staking and generating rewards for you, you can use your ETH however you want - you can sell, exchange, lend, etc.

See the main advantages of liquid staking on Banus Dex Exchange: 1. Greater Liquidity : As mentioned above, the main advantage of liquid staking is that it provides liquidity to users. This means users don't have to choose between staking their coins to earn rewards and having net access to their assets. 2. Possibility of leveraging with the deposit receipt in the futures market. 3. Increases Participation: By facilitating staking, net staking can encourage more people to participate in the process, thus increasing the security and decentralization of the network. 4. Flexibility and Efficiency: Allows users to maximize the use of their assets by allowing them to simultaneously participate in betting and other DeFi activities. 5. Reduced market risk: In some cases, net betting can help reduce market risk as users are not as exposed to the volatility of the asset being wagered. This is because they are given a representative token that may have a more stable value. However, it is important to note that, like all innovations in decentralized finance, net staking is not risk-free. This includes risks associated with the security of the smart contract, liquidity risks if the staking token is not widely accepted, and risks associated 3 with the volatility of the token price. It is always recommended to do careful research and consider the risks before engaging in any DeFi activity.

3.8 Operational Multichain - Avalanche and Arbitrum DEX BANUS was built with modular design and blockchain agnostic architecture, allowing to operate in different blockchain networks with high efficiency. A core feature of our platform is multichain operation, which will be available on the Avalanche and Arbitrum networks. DEX BANUS understands that interoperability is a fundamental element for the democratization of access to financial services. Therefore, our DEX is not limited to a single blockchain. We will provide our users with a unified interface where they can transact efficiently whether on the Avalanche or Arbitrum network. Our priority is always to ensure a smooth and intuitive user experience without compromising security or functionality.

3.9 Secure Swap - From BSC to Avalanche and Arbitrum At DEX BANUS, we recognize the importance of a secure and frictionless swap process. Our team is committed to making this transition from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to the Avalanche and Arbitrum networks as intuitive as possible for all of our users. We are developing a detailed step-by-step guide that will help our users through every step of the exchange process. This guide will include both written and visual instructions, ensuring that even less experienced users can complete the switch without difficulty. DEX BANUS considers it essential that the swap is secure, so we ensure that all transactions are protected by well-tested and secure smart contracts, keeping our users' funds safe at every step of the process.

3.10 Security Priority - Protection Against Attacks Security is of the utmost importance in DEX BANUS. We are aware of the volatile environment that is the blockchain industry and the potential threats that hackers can pose. Therefore, our engineers and developers dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to ensuring that our platform is foolproof. We follow industry best practices in terms of cybersecurity and take all necessary precautions to protect our users from potential attacks. This includes conducting regular security audits, penetration tests and code reviews to ensure the platform is secure and reliable.

3.11 Summary The BANUS Dex Futures Exchange and Liquid Staking is a revolutionary new futures exchange model that offers native BANUS token holders a highly deflective investment, such as a high burn rate and strong pressure for the BANUS token to appreciate, since the greater the volume of trade, the higher the burn rate. Highly liquid on a stable and fast trading platform, during a period of exponential growth in cryptocurrency trading, it will attract huge numbers of traders, creating huge demand for BANUS tokens. Contact: support@dexbanus.com Notice: Some countries allow the sale of tokens openly, while others restrict or even prohibit it altogether. Violation of these regulations can result in significant fines, legal action and, in some cases, criminal penalties.