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Decentralized perpetual futures and spot exchange

BANUS is a decentralized perpetual futures and spot exchange that supports low swap rates and liquid Staking. The future of Defi is here.

"It's not enough to just buy and sell. At BANUS Dex Exchange we believe in construction. Spot Trading, Perpetual Futures and Liquid Staking in the first stage.

Experience financial freedom like never before!

🔍 Good News BANUS Family! 🔍

We are pleased to announce that TOKEN BANUS has been officially audited! This is a significant milestone for all of us, bringing transparency, security and trust to our community.

Check it out here: https://dwebox.com/banus-audit

With a complete audit, potential vulnerabilities are identified and addressed, ensuring the security of our users' funds.

An audit is a sign of transparency. It shows that we are open to scrutiny and committed to adhering to the highest standards and this builds an additional layer of trust between the BANUS project and its users. Knowing that outside experts have reviewed and approved the code can give investors and users peace of mind.

Market Credibility: Audited projects tend to gain more recognition and credibility in the cryptocurrency space.

🚀 The Bright Future of BANUS: 🚀

With the contract now audited, we are in a position to take a big step forward. This opens doors to broader partnerships, listings on major exchanges, and implementing new features and services with enhanced trust.

We thank our dedicated community for their continued support and trust. Together, we are building a more robust and secure ecosystem for everyone.

🎉 Join us on this exciting journey! 🎉


During the initial sale, 350M BANUS Tokens will be made available. In other terms, 70% is up for sale to the public, 10% goes to BANUS-Trade Market Makers (Devs), 10% goes to the BANUS

| Marketing and 10% goes to Reserve.

| 500M Total BANUS Supply

| 350M BANUS (70%) BANUS Token Sale

| 50M BANUS (10%) BANUS-Trade Market Makers (Devs)

| 50M BANUS (10%) Marketing

| 50M BANUS (10%) Reserve

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The use of a decentralized exchange (DEX) is a significant step towards the true democratization of finance. In addition to allowing direct and uncomplicated transactions between users without intermediaries, one of the main benefits of a DEX is the wide availability of educational resources and academic information for users.

DEXs operate on the blockchain, all transactions are transparent and verifiable. This provides a high level of security and confidence in transactions.

CAREFUL!! Some countries allow token sales openly, while others restrict or even prohibit them altogether. Violation of these regulations can result in significant fines, legal action and, in some cases, criminal penalties.

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